Why Homework in Worse Than a Punishment for Children?

After a long day at work, it is natural to want to return home and start a new set of tasks.If you have a professional job, you should leave the place you work for and go home. Unless you want to be promoted, you can use your weekends and evenings to prove that you are qualified for the position.For an average employee, however, work should end at their place of employment.The evening should be a time for children to relax after they have spent the majority of their day learning at school.You can engage in inspiring tasks that will help them develop and get out of school and routine.

Origin of homework

There have been many changes to the education sector since the end of the 19th century.These changes have a direct impact on the quality of education.Since the turn of the 20th Century, when culture was undergoing a major shift, school-going children began to take their schoolwork home.Many reports claim that homework is a way to expand the mind.The psychologist said that the brain is like a muscle and that mental exercise can help strengthen it.In an informal setting, the purpose of this exercise was to improve speaking skills.
We also do mind-strengthening exercises at our home, which was apparently made for good or bad reasons.Some believe homework started out as a punishment for those who didn't complete their assignments or who behaved badly.Over time, homework became universal and was completed by all students, regardless of how they behaved in school.The truth is that most children hate homework.Sometimes teachers assign too much homework to students. Small children end up spending their nights and evenings doing it, which can lead to them losing their social life.Some students enjoy homework assignments and complete them with love and outof choice.


A study has shown a correlation between homework assignments and student achievement.The study didn't consider whether the results would be different if students were given one hour to complete their homework assignments.While it is good for children to read their textbooks, it doesn't make sense for them to spend five days at school, then return home with a lot of homework.Homework is not only difficult for children but also makes them more stressed and reduces their productivity.It is not all about getting the highest grades.At their formative years, students should be able to communicate with their peers and develop innate skills that will help them later in life.Our children should be able to explore and participate in a variety of creative, challenging, and fulfilling activities at home.To make it difficult for children to do their homework at home is to take away their freedom and fun activities.Parents must take control of their children's behavior at home. They should prevent school homework from reaching their homes and direct how they use their time at home.

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